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Bottle Filler X2  device for bottling and closing of beer in bottles:

The device offers a choice of different fill quantities, optionally manually filling other quantities, capacity is about 350-400 bottles of 0.33 liters / hour. Bottle closure crown caps series Ø26 mm.

The device is manufactured in accordance with CE standards and has a built-in 5-inch LCD screen controlled by a micro processor, which graphically displays the operation, reports any errors, prevents operation without proper conditions, and warns of malfunctions, while offering a variety of manual settings and functions.

Displays the current and total quantity of bottles produced, liters and operating time.

The housing is made in combination of aluminum and stainless material. Built-in height adjustable work bench with scale due to different heights of bottles.

(For carbonated drinks) minimum of 2.0 bar of constant pressure in the cooled beer tank (from 1 to max 3 ° C), must be provided for the operation of the device, constant CO2 gas supply and 6.5 bar of constant pressure of the compressed air for the operation of the pneumatic cylinders.


The advantage of the device: easy handling, quick replacement of fill quantities, fast setting different sizes of bottles, sound notifications, written notification on the color LCD with a graphic display, de oxidation of bottles, easy LCD-guided cleaning, touch control panel …


Filling device dimensions:

Height: 1610 mm,

Depth: 680 mm,

Width: 700 mm


The price includes:

- 2 x universal clamping bottle attachments - Ø 54 mm to Ø 69 mm, height of bottles 195 mm-320 mm,

- to 3 m insulated supply pipe 3/8 "with tank connection ½" - inner thread

(on the tank connection provided by the buyer)

- to 3 m food 3/8 "feed tube of Co2 gas

- to 3 m pneumatic tube Ø 6 mm for air supply

- spare parts-seals, fittings according to the list

- samples of cleaners and disinfectants

- air control group with condensate discharge filter and pressure relief valve

- automatic feeding of bottles for closing by manual insertion of crown plugs 

-written instructions

Bottle Filler X2. Isobaric Filler and Capper.

  • This is our serial product.

    And usually we have these assembled machines at stock.

    Please contact with us for more detail about prices, terms and time of delivery.


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